Pure design for shallow roofs – flat, square-edged, raintight for pitches starting at 10°

The rooftile LEVEL RS® is already the second specialist for shallow roofs we developed for ERLUS AG. What is striking about this tile is its clear, square-edged form. This attribute ensures minimalistic, even roof surfaces. All constructive elements follow this formal concept, have been designed in a straight manner and create a high degree of order. By this, the rooftile as a whole conveys the uncompromising quality standard of ERLUS.

Designstudio speziell® was also involved in the technical development of the product. As a result, the functional features blend in perfectly with the overal structure. Like the deep interlocking joints on all sides with triple head and side locks. Due to this special constructive feature, the water on the tile surface is channelled away perfectly. That way, even on shallow roofs (laid in cross pattern: standard roof pitch 16°, minimum roof pitch 10°); the substructure stays dry.

Meanwhile the evenly spaced ceramic fins on the underside stabilize the tile and make it resistant against hailstones up to a size of 4cm. Further innovations can be found in details: The dovetail stacking adjustments on the rear wall are one example. They make sure, that the stack stands stable without strapping, even if it is positioned on a slanted roof.

Other distinctive features are the flat grooves at the rooftile´s head over the cover fold (top right). They shape an efficient drainage against water ingress within the smallest space. The next rooftile, lying on the rightside “embraces” the notched rear wall and secures the flat part of the interlocking.

The appearance of the rooftile and the coverage effect – both complement archtecture which is characterized by finely tuned proportions, clearly arranged building elements and high quality of detail.

© speziell® / January 2020

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